Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The life we live.

Man came upon this world with the conciousness of his existence. This fact should be taken in consideration in every question on human existence. With this fact, man cannot take away the implication that whatever was there prior to his existence is a question that has left to be unanswered. That the primary concern of man is his concious existence of the now that he is confronted with. For the reason is man called a "being" for as long as he exists he will always be and continously be a "to be". Every now that he is living is an occasion of becoming. He is like a clay that will be molded by itself. It is he who creates the "who" he will become. This is the responsibility he has to take.
Man's existence takes place in earth. The earth he lives is pre-existent before he came to "being". Facts of his existence is there and it confronts him on limits and possibilities of "who" he will become. He is enclosed to the laws of nature as he is a part of nature. He then becomes a subject to nature though in him is vessel that remains to filled. A vessel that has a definite shape yet it empty and this emptiness of the his vessel gives him the command over himself on what will he fill in.